Microsoft decided at some point over the last couple of months that it is no longer going to provide Windows Live Spaces support.  Well, forget the support, the service itself was turned off on March 16th.  Normally this type of abrupt action might be looked at with scorn and discord.  However, Microsoft informed the end user (me) ahead of time and provided a path forward.  Specifically, they built a custom migration tool that took my Spaces content and moved it (posts, comments, tags, categories, etc.) to the free WordPress platform.

Not only was the process seamless and easy, but it worked.  So, here’s to Microsoft and good customer service.  I set up a WordPress blog for my wife and so this actually works out well because now I can become more familiar with the day-to-day admin aspects of it to help her out when she needs it.

Next post will be on my recent MaiBock (Helles Bock) and a triple decoction…