It’s been several months since I last posted here.  A lot of that had to do with the fact that during the summer months  my weekends are quite busy and brewing takes a back seat.  After the Doppelbock I brewed the following:

  • Northern English Brown Ale
  • American IPA
  • American Wheat
  • Scottish Wee Heavy

Sorry for not keeping the WILT posts up to date on each of those styles.  The Wee Heavy was the last batch I brewed before the summer.  I finally got back to brewing in late september and crafted a Baltic Pumpkin Porter.  I used about 3lbs of pumpkin in the mash.  The beer is still conditioning and will likely be kegged this week.  Early samples suggest that this is a winner.

I had the fortune of helping my brother in law get into brewing with his first solo (with oversight) batch.  I guided him along the way, but let him do all the work.  He elected to make a Schwarzbier  It was a lot of fun brewing with him that day.  I think he’s going to start brewing himself soon.

I’m thinking it’s time to make a stout of some sort.  I haven’t made one in a while and enjoy them so. I may also go down the path of a Belgian of some sort before it becomes too difficult to keep my basement warm. 

In other news I’ve decided to study for and take the BJCP exam in April of next year.  I’ve started the studying and am making good progress.