As mentioned in an earlier post I spent some time making changes to my keezer to make room for the Munich Helles I was going to brew.  I just made the last of modifications to it for a while.  I now have three faucets hooked up the distributor for dispensing three different kegs at a time.  I also spent a few bucks at the hardware store and bought some quick disconnects like you’d use for an air compressor with different tools.  In doing so, off of my second regulator I have the capability to set the pressure to whatever I want and then attach either an air chuck (like you use to fill your car tires) or a ball lock disconnect.

I made my wife some Ginger Beer soda for her birthday and needed a way to carbonate it.  Rather than messing with yeast I decided to force carb.  I could have bot some carbonator caps (look like a ball lock) and then connected a regular ball lock disconnect to it.  However, at $20/cap they are kind of expensive.  I decided to get some tire valve stems, drill a hole a soda cap and attach them with the provider washers/nuts.  Then, with an air chuck attached to my CO2 tank, I was able to force carb them.  By using the quick disconnect I can either attach the chuck or a ball lock disconnect to carb a keg.  It’s a great setup and one I’m happy to show off.

Since I can only fit 4 kegs in my keezer I think I’m good with three faucets.  I could dispense 4 at a time, but I doubt I’ll ever get there.  As it is, I’ve kicked 2 of the three kegs I have in there.  Good thing I’ve brewed twice in the last month 🙂  I made a Honey Stout this past weekend.  My next batch is going to be a Northern Brown Ale.