For our recent United Way Goods and Services auction I put up for auction two cases of beer (same style) that two different people won.  They agreed on a Belgian Saison for the style of beer they wanted.  I warned them that I had never made one before, but they were still game.  So, the research into Belgian beers began. 

Here are the BJCP stats:

  BJCP Guidelines
IBUs 20-35
SRM 5-14
OG 1..048-1.065
FG 1.002-1.012
ABV 5-7%


I’m still working on a recipe, but think I’ve got one that might work well.  It was suggested by a few brewing friends from the Knights of the Mashing Fork.

What is a Saison?  Well, it is described thusly:

A seasonal summer style produced in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. Originally brewed at the end of the cool season to last through the warmer months before refrigeration was common. It had to be sturdy enough to last for months but not too strong to be quenching and refreshing in the summer. It is now brewed year-round in tiny, artisanal breweries whose buildings reflect their origins as farmhouses. 

I had an Ommegang Hennpin at Arugula in West Hartford Center a couple months ago and very much enjoyed the style.  The one thing that I’ve read about these types of beers is that I should step up the fermentation temperature into the 80’s.  Not sure how my basement pantry will tolerate that, but we’ll give it a shot.

Hopefully it turns out well.